Candle Labels

Find the perfect online custom candle label creator here at Labelin. Whether you are planning to give your friends or loved ones a special candle label design which is custom made; or for your own personal use as a home decor. Custom candle design will always be perfect for any occasion, any time of the month. You can create your own design in terms of color, font type, and icon available in our design tool that perfectly describes the scent of the candle inside the plain candle jar or the wax that it was made from.

Custom Candle Labels

You can create custom candle labels for all occasions in our online design tool which is very easy to navigate. Choose from a wide variety of materials available from matte, glossy, or waterproof. Choose colors from our color palette available online and indicate the sizes you prefer in printing your candle stickers. We have created five simple steps in creating your custom candle label design on our website. We are dedicated to helping you create your custom candle labels as hassle free as possible. At Labelin, we always give your money's worth and give you the best prices as much as possible. Remember in checking out; the more quantity you order from us, the more money you can save.


Labelin, The Perfect Online Platform to Create Candle Labels


If you have any concerns, we’ll be glad to help you. We give helpful tips when creating your custom candle jar labels. If you are also interested in contacting one of our label experts, we will be happy to assist you in creating a custom candle label design. With Labelin, you can make your candle products stand out and look better. Whether it is for retail sales, gifting, marketing, promotions, or party favors, we got you covered!