Custom Labels

Looking to boost your branding by using custom labels? Labelin got you covered! We can help you attract attention to your brand and make your products stand out with quality custom labels. Labelin is your industry leader of custom labels! 

Labelin, Great Source for High Quality Custom Labels

At Labelin, we provide you the best and easiest platform to create your custom labels. We strive to provide you with high quality custom labels. Labelin provide our customers with the ability to make custom labels in any wide collections of  shapes, sizes, materials and quantities. In other words, we have the capacity to  accommodate all your custom label needs and give you exactly what you need! Visit our Gallery section and check out the final output.  Our website is designed to make online ordering for beautiful product labels and packaging decoration as easy and fast as possible for all users. To top it off, we offer Design Services.




Our website is designed to make the online ordering process for beautiful product labels and packaging decoration as easy and fast as possible for all users. You can even finish the entire process in just minutes. Our process includes the following: 


  1. Choose Shape

  2. Choose Type

  3. Choose Size 

  4. Choose Quantity

  5. Upload Image



We offer different types of materials. 


  1. Glossy - Looking for a glossy finish? Your label will look shiny, will display vibrant colors, and has more resistance to dirt. The only problem that this type of material is hard to write on. However, this is still the most popular choice and is best for product and packaging labeling. 


  1. Matte - Your label will have an opaque finish. Your label will be flat and will feel soft. This is cost effective. Compared to the glossy material the matte material is easy to write on and is best for package decorations.


  1. Waterproof - Your label will be printed on a white plastic material with a waterproof which gives it a glossy finish. This is best for cold temperatures, humid environments and liquids.