Faux Gold Label

We offer top and high quality custom gold stickers online. Whether you will be using it for your personal brand or just designing your own invitations (wedding, birthday, etc.), scrapbooks, or using it as a name tag of your belongings. Gold has always been associated with high class ,wealth and grandeur; Having a custom gold embossed sticker in your design; can make your item have a touch of class and make your design or item significant. Like one of our clients Blissful Sweets which you can view in our gallery page, specializing in pastries; the logo they created was a gold cupcake with a dark background and a small heart inside. It looked simple and classy, just like the saying that less is more is true in their custom gold design. We also have custom gold foil stickers, it comes in any size and custom shape that can be contour-cut.

Creating Custom Faux Gold Label

Creating a faux gold custom label on our website and using our design tool is much easier than you can imagine. We made it into five simple steps, from creating your own design, choosing what type of material to be used (choose from matte, glossy, or waterproof), sizes (our sizes guide width by height) and quantities you would like to order, and up to the uploading and preview page of the final product you wish to be created.


The following steps are the easiest, from choosing the sizes and quantities that you would like to order from us, the final step is uploading the custom clothing label you created in our design tool and have it checked in the preview page. The more quantity you order from the website, the more chances you can save in check out.


Labelin, The Perfect Online Platform to Create Faux Gold Label


We are dedicated to helping you create your custom gold stickers as seamless as possible. At Labelin we always give your money's worth and give you the best prices as much as possible. A reminder when checking out; the more quantity you order from us, the more money you can save.

If you have any questions, don’t worry we got your covered! We give helpful tips when creating your custom gold embossed stickers and please feel free to contact us and our label experts will be happy to assist you.